A World Leader

The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret is a world leader in basic science employing 262 researchers, 381 trainees, and 684 total research staff. Last year, our investigators obtained just over $100 million in external funding, produced 872 peer-reviewed publications, won numerous international awards, and filed several patents based on their research.

Because we work alongside the clinicians at Canada’s largest cancer hospital, we also excel at translational science where new discoveries are quickly ‘translated’ into effective therapies that can help patients. This depth of expertise has resulted in a clinical research powerhouse that has:

  • Over 30 percent of new patients enrolled in clinical trials
  • 350 on-going clinical trials, involving over 7,000 patients
  • A drug development program that is the only non-U.S. program to receive both a Phase I grant and a Phase II contract from the U.S. National Cancer Institute
  • An immune therapy program that is the only non-U.S. program to be selected to participate in the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network, funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute

We are proud to lead in some of these important and promising areas of cancer research:
Basic Science Research
  • Cancer and normal stem cells
  • Signal transduction
  • Cancer genomics/proteomics
  • Tumour metabolism (including hypoxia)
  • Immune therapy
  • Molecular imaging/GTx
  • DNA damage/repair

Translational Science Research

  • Breast density linked to increased breast cancer risk
  • Paradigm-changing studies in lung cancer treatment
  • Development and implementation of image-guided targeted radiation therapy
  • Patient education and survivorship programs and research