Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Clinics. Working with The Campbell Family Institute to advance innovative new cancer therapies for patients around the world.
The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research was launched in June 2004 thanks to an extraordinarily generous gift of $25 million from the late Audrey Campbell and her three daughters. In addition, Susan Grange donated $5 million to support the innovative work of Dr. David Jaffray in the area of image-guided radiation.

The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute, supported by the significant and long-term commitment of the Campbell Family, is an international powerhouse. It leads the world in many of the most promising areas of cancer research such as tumour metabolism, cancer stem cells, cancer genomics, proteomics, informatics and molecular imaging/guided therapeutics. The Campbell Family Institute includes the breast cancer research work of internationally-recognized Dr. Tak Mak and his team — work that is benefiting all cancers.

The sustainable development of The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute  depends on the close integration of people and resources, enabling maximum global impact in the fight against cancer.

Under the leadership of Dr. Bradly Wouters (Interim), The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute capitalizes on the work of scientific luminaries including Dr. Tak Mak, Dr. John Dick (cancer stem cells) and Dr. David Jaffray (radiation medicine and physics) and a long list of distinguished researchers, to accelerate the pace of cancer research, facilitating the translation of scientific advances into new life-saving therapies that will help us in our collective efforts to CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME.

The vision of The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute is to be recognized as one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world as measured by its number of new discoveries, the quality of its research, its reputation and its overall impact on conquering cancer.