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  New Funding for Canada’s first “Centre for Cancer Epigenomics”
(February 28, 2013)
A UHN-based team receives support to establish Canada’s first “Centre for Cancer Epigenomics”. 
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  Remembering John MacNaughton
(February 21, 2013)
Paul Aofs, President & CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation remembers John MacNaughton.
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  Breast Imaging Tomosynthesis at The Princess Margaret
(February 14, 2013)
The Princess Margaret is one of the first hospitals in Ontario to offer patients 3-D breast mammography scans, called "tomosynthesis".
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  Cancer Mythbusters - When to get a PAP test
(February 04, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - how often should women get a PAP test?
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  Cancer Mythbusters - Tanning beds vs. the real thing
(February 01, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - Dr. Cheryl Rosen, lets us know if tanning indoors safer than outside?
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  Cancer Mythbusters - Prostate treatment & ED
(January 31, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - Do treatments for prostate cancer always cause erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence?
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  Cancer Mythbusters - Does antiperspirant increase breast cancer risk?
(January 30, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - Does antiperspirant increase breast cancer risk?
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  Cancer Mythbusters - Light cigarettes vs. regular
(January 29, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - Dr. Natasha Leighl lets us know if light cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes
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  Cancer Mythbusters video launch!
(January 28, 2013)
Cancer Mythbusters - Is tanning indoors safer than tanning outside? Does wearing antiperspirant increase breast cancer risk?
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  Biggest Ever Private Donation To Cancer Research in Canada
(January 21, 2013)
Canadian philanthropists Emmanuelle Gattuso, Allan Slaight and the Slaight family made history today with a $50 million gift to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
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