2013 OCI/PMH Knudson Postdoctoral Fellowships
June 26, 2013

This year 10 postdoctoral fellows working at OCI were awarded OCI/PMH Knudson Postdoctoral Fellowships.  These awards are funded by generous contributions made in the memory of George Knudson, a Canadian professional golfer who, along with Mike Weir, holds the record for the Canadian with the most wins on the PGA Tour.  Knudson Fellowships are granted annually to outstanding postdoctoral fellows working in any aspect of cancer research at OCI/PMH.  Here is a list of this year's recipients:

Dr. Swenke Bailey (Dr. Mathieu Lupien)
Project Title: Identification of Functional Regulatory Mutations Promoting Serous Ovarian Cancer Tumourigenesis

Dr. Heiko Blaser (Dr. Tak Mak)
Project Title: Elucidation of Signalling Pathways Involved in Tumourgenesis and Cancer Meastasis in Vivo

Dr. Kenji Chamoto (Dr. Naoto Hirano)
Project Title: Invariant Natural Killer T cell Gene Therapy for Leukemia and Lymphoma

Dr. Yvonne Leung (Dr. Gary Rodin)
Project Title: Enhancing Caregivers' Ability to Face Challenges of Caregiving - Caregiving 101

Dr. Ines Lohse (Dr. David Hedley)
Project Title: Investigating the Importance of hypoxic Tumour Microenvironment on Tumour-associated Fibroblasts and its Consequences on Tumour Phenotype

Dr. Peter Mullen (Dr. Linda Penn)
Project Title: Exploiting the Metabolic Difference Between Statin-Sensitive and Insensitive Breast Cancer

Dr. Ramtin Rahbar (Dr. Pam Ohashi)
Project Title: Characterization of the Host Factors That Influence T cell Responses to Tumour Antigens: a Role for B7-H4 in Anti-Tumour Immunity

Dr. Matthew Smith (Dr. Mitsu Ikura)
Project Title: Parallel Detection of Ras Signalling Outputs Using Real-time NMR

Dr. Ziqiang Yang (Dr. Ben Neel)
Project Title: Role of Gab/Par Complexes in Breast Cancer

Dr. Weiyue Zheng (Dr. Senthill Muthuswamy)
Project Title: Investigating the Role Played by Scribble in Colorectal Cancer

Source: June 2013 ORT Times Newsletter

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