‘Raising the Bar’ through Clinical Trials

The Princess Margaret is a cancer research centre responsible for ‘raising the bar’ in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The hospital employs the most experienced and knowledgeable oncology clinicians who care for cancer patients, and world-leading scientists who are gaining new understandings of this complex disease at the molecular level. Together they are developing new treatments and techniques to detect it.

Moving knowledge from the laboratory bench to the bedside

These two groups do not work independently, but rather collaborate to take learning from the laboratory and apply it in the clinic with patients, and vice versa. Clinical trials are one of the key areas where this collaboration between researchers and clinicians takes place.

Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) typically has over 350 clinical trials involving almost 10,000 patients running at any one time.  In fact, Princess Margaret has one of the highest patient participation rates in clinical trials of any hospital in the world.

Cancer will directly affect nearly 40 percent of women and 45 percent of men according to current statistics, so it is important to understand that clinical trials are saving lives today and will save many more in the future. Click here to read the story of someone who owes his life to the opportunity he was given to participate in a clinical trial of a new treatment for leukemia.

»A Large Patient Population
»Getting Started…
»Clinical Trial Phases
»Major Successes

Interview with Dr. Ron Heslegrave and Paul MacPherson of the Research Ethics Board (REB)
In this interview the role of the Research Ethics Board as it pertains to clinical trials is described, along with the diverse membership of the Board, the review of the patient consent form and process, and the number of clinical trial applications received from Princess Margaret each year.
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Interview with Dr. Ron Heslegrave, Chair of the Research Ethics Board (REB)

In this interview, Dr. Heslegrave describes the various kinds of clinical trials conducted at Princess Margaret and their purpose. He also talks about how hospital supporters and cancer survivors can get involved with the Research Ethics Board.
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Interview with Dr. Lillian Siu
Dr. Siu, Co-Director of the Robert and Maggie Bras Drug Development Program, speaks about some of the successes in clinical trials and her aspirations.
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