Investing in Programs

1. Breast Cancer Research

The world-renowned researcher, Dr. Tak Mak, will continue to drive activity in the area of breast cancer, focusing on three strategic program elements:
  • Target Discovery—identifying genes or gene products that are potential targets for new cancer drugs through biological observations in the clinical disease state, animal models, basic biological findings, or by examining the mechanism of action of clinically effective drugs
  • Drug Development—employing medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry which use the results from target discovery activities to identify and develop small molecule lead compounds, and
  • Metabolism Imaging—taking advantage of altered metabolism in cancer cells for cancer imaging and detection

About Dr. Tak Mak’s Team
Under the leadership of Dr. Tak Mak, the The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has recruited an elite team of scientists and clinician-scientists dedicated to making breakthroughs in breast cancer research.
»See Dr. Tak Mak’s Team

2. Cancer Stem Cells

Under the leadership of Dr. John Dick funds from the ride will help advance the cancer stem cell work at The Princess Margaret/OCI. Targeting treatment to cancer stem cells within a tumour, rather than every cell, may be a better way of killing the disease.

3. GTx or Guided Therapeutics

Dr. David Jaffray and his highly specialized team are focused on advancing Guided Therapeutics at The Princess Margaret. This new therapy uses image guidance and targeted radiation medicine to advance the delivery of radiation treatment to cancer patients.

4. GTx Surgical Program

Dr. Jonathan Irish and a multi-disciplinary team will combine real – time imaging with surgery to develop new technologies and procedures which increase accuracy and minimize side effects for cancer patients requiring surgery.

5. Cancer Metabolism

This is a growing field of cancer study. Recruitment is underway to find a world leading expert to head up this research focus.

6. Immunotherapy

Drs. Pamela Ohashi and Armand Keating and their team of researchers are studying the body’s ability to stimulate the immune system to reject and destroy tumours

7. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, like most cancers, is highly individualized. New tests and targeted therapies are being developed at PMH that will provide men with appropriate treatment choices depending on their age, family history and aggressiveness of their cancer.
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