Tumour Microenvironment

The ‘low oxygen’ environment of solid tumours is leading to a new class of therapies
A very promising area of cancer research and one in which The Princess Margaret is world-leading is the tumour microenvironment. Understanding the unique properties of the environment in which tumours grow and thrive in the body is already leading to new therapies that target these properties. Hypoxia is one such property, and scientists believe they may be able to exploit this understanding to defeat the disease.

Dr. Bradly Wouters heads up this research area at the Campbell Family Institute, and his team is working with clinicians such as Dr. Michael Milosevic who are testing new therapies that take advantage of this understanding of tumour microenvironments.

Understanding what feeds a tumuor: “Back to the future”
Dr. Bradly Wouters, Director, Hypoxia and Microenvironment Program, Campbell Family Institute
What Feeds a Tumour? Targeting the Tumour Blood Supply
Dr. Michael Milosevic, Director of Research, Radiation Medicine Program, Princess Margaret Hospital
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