Research Highlights

Under the leadership of Dr. Ben Neel, The Campbell Family Institute has made great strides in the challenge to CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME. Key accomplishments include:

  • Recruitment of an unparalleled team of scientific talent, including Dr. Pamela Ohashi, Dr. Hitoshi Okada, Dr. Norman Boyd, Dr. Bradly Wouters, Dr. Senthil Muthuswamy, Dr. Laurie Ailles, Dr. Nadeem Moghal, Dr. Geoffrey Liu, Dr. Mona Gauthier, Dr. Naoto Hirano and others

  • Found the unique signature of the 'master' stem cell that replenishes our blood system, and could potentially re-generate the entire human blood system

  • Identification of a new therapeutic target: an enzyme that cancer cells need for survival when they are deprived of oxygen or nutrients

  • Publication of a major finding in The New England Journal of Medicine by Dr. Norman Boyd on the significance of breast density as a risk factor – a globally significant discovery

  • Development of mouse models which will play a critical role in identifying targets for new drugs

  • Identification of a gene 'signature' that predicts lung cancer patients' response to chemotherapy in combination with surgery

  • Establishment of The Campbell Family Drug Discovery and Development Team for developing new targeted cancer therapies

  • Discovery of a new class of metabolic inhibitors with broad anti-cancer activity in animal models

  • Discovery of proprietary kinase inhibitors with anti-cancer cell activity

  • Establishment of collaborative relationships with Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Washington University, UCSF, UBC and many other international organizations

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