Dr. Tak Mak
Inductee to Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
Dr. Tak Mak is a world-renowned, award-winning scientist and major figure in molecular and cellular biology. In 1984, Dr. Tak Mak solved, through beautiful molecular approaches, one of the toughest problems in immunology – the structure of the T cell receptor for antigens. He has since blazed a remarkable trail of discoveries and is currently Director of The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

Dr. Brad Wouters
Michael Fry Radiation Research Award
This award recognizes junior scientists who have made extraordinary contributions to the field of radiation research. Dr. Wouters and his team are investigating the tumor microenvironment with a primary interest in understanding the cellular and molecular responses to hypoxia and their influence on the biological behavior of tumors. His laboratory has discovered important stress response pathways that are activated in response to oxygen deprivation.

Dr. John Dick
Man of Distinction, Israel Cancer Research Fund
Clifford Prize for Cancer Research
Professor Dick has been awarded the Clifford Prize for his work on cancer stem cells. His findings, focusing on the importance of understanding that not all cancer cells are the same, resulted in cancer research heading in new and revolutionary directions.

Dr. James Till
Inaugural Inductee, Innovators Hall of Fame
Dr. Till’s most significant work was done in conjunction with Dr. Ernest McCulloch, as they demonstrated the existence of stem cells and conceptualized a method for studying them. In doing so, they also paved the way for life-saving bone marrow transplants and provided the basis for groundbreaking new treatments for chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and many more.

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